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What is AD? How does it work?

MetNet have produced a short film explaining what anaerobic digestion is and how it works.

MetNet (Marches Environmental Technology Network) is a business network that supports environmental businesses (or business looking to diversify into the sector ) across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire. E & J Solutions is a member of MetNet.

DECC announcement on RHI threatens small-scale AD

The Department for Energy & Climate Change issued the following statement today:

“The biomethane injection tariff is to be reviewed following representations from industry that there is a risk of overcompensation for large biomethane to grid plants under the current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) biomethane injection tariff.

Larger plants benefit from economies of scale which can make them efficient generators of renewable energy, but their costs may not justify support at current levels.

DECC has undertaken initial analysis of the evidence underpinning the tariff and has concluded that there may be a risk of overcompensation for large plants or sites with existing assets. This represents a value for money risk for the taxpayer.

It is vital that we get the level of support right so that the market can invest with confidence, RHI support is spent efficiently and the market can grow sustainably. DECC has therefore confirmed that it has initiated a review of the biomethane injection tariff.

As part of the review, DECC will be updating the cost and performance data underpinning the tariff to determine whether any changes are required. If it is concluded that changes are needed, DECC plans to consult on these in the summer.”

WRAP on-farm AD grant

WRAP has recently launched it’s On-farm anaerobic digestion grant and loan scheme for farmers in England.

Providing a grant of up to £10,000 for a feasibility study has already encouraged farmers to look more closely at on-farm anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and whether it’s for them. With our experience of working with farmers and small-scale anaerobic digestion projects, E & J Solutions is ideally placed to support them through this process with our anaerobic digestion services.

The loan scheme, offering farmers a loan of up to £400,000 will open in early 2014.

On-farm AD feasibility grant now available

E & J Solutions works  to develop on-farm AD plants and we well understand that farmers face many issues when looking at such developments. We agree with WRAP that the main barriers to developing anaerobic digestion (AD) on farms are:

  • access to finance
  • availability of reference sites for technologies and case studies.
  • demonstration of the benefits of AD.
  • the potential high cost of technology

To address these barriers and encourage the uptake of small scale on-farm AD in the UK, WRAP has developed a programme to help farms access finance, provide case studies and demonstration information and provide support for farmers who want to use AD on their farm.

The fund will be available to farms in England, that have access to slurries or manures; and who wish to build AD plants producing up to 250k/W of power.

The scheme is split into two parts:

  • The first part is a business plant grant up to £10,000 to investigate the environmental and economic potential of building an AD plant on the farm.
  • The second part is a capital loan up to £400,000 (or a maximum of 50% of the project cost). This is available for AD plants producing up to 250kW of power.

E & J Solutions can help you apply for the funding and deliver the feasibility study under the business plan grant with a view to applying for the capital loan under section 2. For more information, contact John on 01568 708925

ADBA 2013

John Davies (Director) will be speaking at this year’s ADBA showcase event at the NEC.

Join him for a discussion around renewables and permitting and hear the latest developments in the industry. He’ll also be available later at ADBA’s farming consultancy stand for a free consultation.