E & J Solutions started growing pumpkins in Herefordshire for retail and wholesale markets in 2015.  Our varieties (Racer, Mars and Becky) were chosen to provide for both culinary and Halloween use. They range in size from 2-9kg, have a good colour and excellent storage qualities.

Racer is one of the best early pumpkins – it has a very nice round shape, a strong handle and dark orange colour. Racer produces very attractive pumpkins from 3kg to 9kg in weight.

Mars is a nice, spherical pumpkin, ranging in weight from 2kg to 3kg. It has a hard skin, a good handle and is very durable. There is a good depth of flesh so it is a good pumpkin for the kitchen.

Becky is an outstanding pumpkin, producing excellent yields of delicious, medium-sized orange fruit. Great for cooking or carving out for Halloween!

For information on availability and pricing, contact John on 01568 708925 as soon as possible.Racer Pumpkins

Grown in Herefordshire (black)